The reformation of the church during the 1500/1600s was ignited and fanned by a return to the principles of: Scripture alone as the unchanging standard – The glory of God alone as the goal – Christ alone as man’s Saviour – Grace alone as the saving cause – Faith alone as the means by which man is declared right before God.

As a reformed Church we still hold to these five points.


We are called Presbyterian because of our form of Church government. Believing that the Lord Jesus Christ has given such for the care of His people, each congregation is ruled by Elders, (known as a Session) who are subject in the Lord to higher Church bodies (known as Presbyteries and a Synod).

The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland has very close relationships with the following churches in the ‘RP Family’. The ties today are as strong as they have ever been, a fact for which the Scottish RP Church is very thankful.



North America

The North American church, comprises 89 congregations in the USA and Canada, including a number of church plants. The Church has a: Seminary in Pittsburgh, a third level College, Geneva College, in Beaver Falls, a publishing arm, and a nursing home also in Pittsburgh.



The links with the Irish RP Church have been very strong over the past 300 years. The RPCI has 36 congregations and three church plants, mostly in Northern Ireland. It has its own Theological College, bookshop, and nursing home.



The Japanese Church was established as a mission work of the RPCNA and is a Presbytery of the North American church. It has four congregations and one church plant. It has a Theological College and a bookstore in the city of Kobe.



There are three congregations in the Australian RP Church, which was a church planted by the Irish RP Church. They, like the Japanese, are active is seeking to see Christ’s Church grow in their land and, like the RPCJ, host mission teams from RP Missions in their country.

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